First Web Project? Check.

I am an outcome based learner. Completing projects not only makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, but it also helps me solidify basic skills once I have a grasp of what’s happening. 

I’ve admittedly bounced around the internet since I’ve decided to learn how to code, though I’ve stuck with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I completed the web development module of The Odin Project. That has taken me to many places, including completing modules through both Code Academy and Udacity.

I have spent a few hours over the last couple of days taking some pre-written HTML and styling it with my own CSS on PluralSite. The basics of HTML and CSS were simple to pick up, however, building out a site with hundreds of lines of CSS when new to the scene forced me to focus on the details, something I don’t usually enjoy. It helped tremendously I could check my code through the terminal after each module.

Check out the homepage of my fictitious climbing company here or take a peek at the code on Github.

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