Becoming a Web Developer

I’ve always wanted to learn how to code. I was making my own websites and figuring out how to do interesting things (like hacking into my friends’ computers) since the internet existed. I never had the support at home I needed to follow my interests into a career. I was told it was more appropriate to be a nurse or a teacher.

Now I have my own daughter. I want her to know she can follow any path she feels passionate about and I want her to see me follow mine. So, I’m going to start learning web development.

I plan to follow the curriculum of  The Odin Project. It’s basically an open source free bootcamp that is now sponsored by Thinkful. I made this decision after speaking with a few paid bootcamps and discovering how many resources there are both online and in the Boulder area.

I’m not sure where the end of this project will take me, but what matters is that I’m starting. Now.

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